Camps and education

The Vipava valley with its cultural and natural heritage offers a variety of activities for pleasure, informal education, getting some extra experience or acquaintance, etc… It is surrounded by pure nature where the biotic diversity is vast, in spite of capital’s strong tendencies to violate the tenderest parts of our environment. This trend can be observed all over the world, that is why The Youth Hostel Ajdovščina collaborates with outsource partners (different ecologists, environmentalists, Adult and Youth education centers and others) and has developed environmental and educational programs for all those who want to enrich their free time, their knowledge and themselves as well.



The Youth Hostel Ajdovščina strives to preserve our heritage mostly by educating the public, since we believe that the natural and the cultural heritage are destroyed mostly due to ignorance and a lack of interest. People, working for the Youth Hostel, devote special attention to local communities and help them see how important and interesting – from the viewpoint of tourism – their local heritage is. They also strive to nurture and guide local youth, since this is the only way to preserve our natural and cultural heritage for generations to come. This educational project will focus on school excursions, vacation programs suitable for the younger population and international educational workshops and seminars. Preservation and good interpretation of our heritage is not possible without an in depth knowledge of the subject itself, thus the first step of our endeavors will be research: Lectures and workshops for kindergartens, schools and local communities.


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