Retracing the footsteps of Matija Vertovec

A circular path runs from the village of Ustje through Dolenje, over Planina where local luminary Matija Vertovec held a position, to Šmarje where he was born, looping back to Vrtovče and Tevče to the start in Ustje. The route is lined with a host of natural and cultural landmarks. There are several fossil sites along the river Vipava. Take in the beauty of the quintessential regional architecture, especially the village centre of Šmarje which is a protected monument. Vantage points such as Mt. Ostri vrh afford scenic views of the entire Vipava Valley. A properly marked trail leads through vineyards and villages dotting the hills of Vipava. The entire route takes about five hours. However, with pit stops in the wine cellars flanking the route, the tour can take a bit longer.